Want to know the way to win a girl’s heart? Simple. Make her a meal she’ll never forget. Oh, wait…you’re not a chef? Fear not, Los Angelians. Located in the heart of Hancock Park on the bustling La Brea Ave, the brand spanking new Wilde Wine Bar offers astoundingly delicious European-American dishes, an award-winning wine list, exceptional service, and a gorgeous inviting atmosphere. We had the fortunate opportunity to have a foodsperience at one of Wilde’s special events featuring Food Network’s Chopped Campion Chef Taji Marie tasting her ten course prix fixe menu, and boy oh BOY was it mouthwateringly DELICIOUS!


Taji Marie’s Prix Fixe Menu

Wilde Taji Mari MenuHere’s a glimpse at the menu and a little taste of what we devoured.



Wilde Taji Marie SoupWe kicked the meal of with this warm, comforting, perfect Springtime Avgolemeno. Although visually it seems like it would be more savory and rich, the soup was shockingly very light and fresh. The fresh citrus flavor cuts through and balances the rich egg and rice broth and the peas added just the right amount of sweetness to balance the dish.


Crepelicious to the Max

Wilde Taji Marie CrepeDon’t let these little flatbread looking guys fool you. These Chickpea Crepes were PACKED with a perfect balance of sweet and savory that would make any regular pancake or crepe look like baby food. The whipped honey-Tahini butter was life-changing good, and I really would have taken a whole tub of it home with me if I could.


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Wilde Taji Marie Chicken

I still have dreams of this Harissa-Caramel Roast Chicken…seriously. This moist and tender chicken had a perfectly seasoned and crisped skin and a delicious caramelized lemon sauce that leaves you begging for one more bite. I could honestly eat this happily every day for the rest of my life.


Keep It Rolling

Wilde Taji Marie Lamb RollsI actually felt guilty while eating these unforgettably flavorful Swiss Chard Lamb Rolls knowing how much my boyfriend loves lamb and how he wasn’t going to get any of what was in front of me (and to be honest, even if he was there I don’t know if I could have the self control to share it). These rolls coupled with the chili-mint yogurt was the epitome of Mediterranean food perfection.


That Orzo Though

Wilde Taji Marie Orzo

Talk about a perfect side dish! This Toasted Orzo Pilaf made such an impact on my dinner that I actually researched different Mediterranean orzo dishes when I got back home to make for future dinners. The fresh vegetables were bursting with crunch and the delicately shaved pecorino cheese added just the right amount of savory to the dish.


Turnt Up on These Turnips!

Wilde Taji Marie Turnip

For those of you who have a hard time with your greens, look no further because this Roasted Baby Turnip dish is hard to turn down. It was a wonderful accompaniment to our main course.


Last But Far From Least…


We finished off our unforgettable meal with these Sesame Caramel Cream Puff and Salted Brownie Bites. Oddly enough, I’m not the biggest fan of dessert, but I found myself fighting over the cream puffs with Kaila.



So, humans of Los Angeles, if you’re in town and fail to visit Wilde Wine Bar, you know you’ve made the wrong decision. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself, and feel free to take me along if you need a second opinion on how things taste. 😉

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