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There’s nothing better than adding a floppy black hat to your attire, no matter what it is that you’re wearing (which includes dresses, spring time attire, bathing suits, work wear, even your favorite animal suit). This outfit manages to follow my favorite color-scheme (red, black, and white), so it’s pretty much the greatest thing I would choose to wear. Hype has some amazing designs for men and women, which I am a huge fan of anything unisex. Their eye-catching colorful creations are definitely statement-making pieces that mix well with any outfit.


These fun throwback shots remind me that I need to shoot some more designs, so any photographers that are interested in shooting, please shoot me an email at


Photo by: CB4TOS

Clothing: Hype


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Hey cool hat 🎩 🤘🏼


Thank you thank you! 🙂

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