Claustrophobia. We all have heard of it, seen it on TV, might have even experienced it once or twice but mostly in our imagination, or even heard a friend complain about their debilitating fear of elevators. The question is: has it ever REALLY had an effect on us? In fact, 60% of what claustrophobics fear will actually never take place (22 Facinating Claustrophobia Statistics). This past Thursday, we decided to test our own limitations of entrapment at The Exit Game.

Here’s how it began…

Located in the happening parts of Monterey Park (and surrounded by delicious, mouthwatering, foodie-heaven restaurants), The Exit Game is a place where you can test your James Bond skills by trapping yourself in a locked room and figuring out clues to get yourself out. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to complete the puzzles and GTFO in under 60 minutes. If you have stealthy ninja skills, brains like Einstein, and a knack for leadership/teamwork, then this is a place where you will DOMINATE.

The Exit Game Computer Room

Mission #1: Escaping the AI Takeover

Our first mission was in the uber tech computer themed room. We had to crack the code and stop the AI overlord from emitting deadly gaseous fumes into our O2 supply to essentially wipe out mankind forever (tell me that doesn’t sound insanely fun!). I won’t give away all the juicy details, but I can tell you, be prepared to laugh…a WHOLE lot. The best part about completing a mind game with some of your best friends is you can see how they handle stressful situations differently. Most of us just laughed, while others took it way too seriously :). We ended up getting through the entire mission with only 3 minutes to spare, so the missions aren’t exactly easy peasy lemon squeezy, yet also not mission impossible!

The Exit Game Room 1

Mission #2: Overthrow the Crazed Dictator

After our “near death” escape, being the sadomasochists we are, we decided to take on Room #3, which is based on a deranged North Korean totalitarian dictator (not going to mention any names) that captures you as a prisoner in he subterranean nuclear lair. The introductory video is ridiculously HILARIOUS, so for those of you who are the types that try to build an Ikea shelf without reading the directions, make sure you pay attention because it’s worth shutting the ADD down for a few minutes. Not quite sure if it was because we had drained all of our brain power in the first room, or if it was because half of us were recovering from a brutal hangover, whatever the case we failed our mission….wah wah wahhh. However, our liaison was amazing and let us finish the last clue anyway, and we completed it with an extra 4 minutes added to our hour.

The Exit Game

Mission #3: Share the experience with you and your friends

Escape rooms have become immensely popular throughout Los Angeles. Businesses all over are taking advantage of old warehouses downtown and empty strip malls and converting them into hands-on horror houses. Regardless of the rapidly growing industry, The Exit Game stands out from its competitors because of the impressive IT behind the game’s functionality. Jeff Hsin, who previously worked at IBM, is the owner and mastermind behind the technology and has created innovative computer-based puzzles that most escape games who are using more physical obstacles cannot compete with. Check out their website here for more details about booking your next adventure at The Exit Game.


So is claustrophobia real? Initially, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but try locking yourself up in one of Hsin’s Exit Game rooms and come back and tell me you didn’t have a schminzy bit of anxiety knowing you couldn’t get out, well, at least for 60 minutes.


Your Mission: Check it out!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself, if you have the cajones and use this discount code (LOVENYLONPINK) for 15% off. Valid until May 31st.

The Exit Game Logo

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