Nylon Pink covers Monster by BIGBANG

Black Cat Superstitions: The Good, The Bad, and The Mostly Nonsensical

How could something this adorable be so feared worldwide? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too. The problem is, black cat superstitions have been haunting humans for a lot longer than ridiculous Internet LOLcat memes. But…but how could hate be spread to such fuzzy, loving, cute, kind…ish, and….fuzzy creatures? Believe me, I asked myself the same exact question. … Continue Reading

Ten Irresistible Courses by Chopped Champion Taji Marie at Wilde Wine Bar

Want to know the way to win a girl’s heart? Simple. Make her a meal she’ll never forget. Oh, wait…you’re not a chef? Fear not, Los Angelians. Located in the heart of Hancock Park on the bustling La Brea Ave, the brand spanking new Wilde Wine Bar offers astoundingly delicious European-American dishes, an award-winning wine … Continue Reading

The Exit Game: Do you have the brains to escape?

Claustrophobia. We all have heard of it, seen it on TV, might have even experienced it once or twice but mostly in our imagination, or even heard a friend complain about their debilitating fear of elevators. The question is: has it ever REALLY had an effect on us? In fact, 60% of what claustrophobics fear … Continue Reading

Masters of Taste LA: Be There or Be Hungry

  The greatest possible news you can get from a friend is that they have an extra ticket for a Los Angeles gourmet food event up for grabs. It’s like waking up thinking it’s a Monday when it is actually Saturday (although that’s likely not to happen since the pounding headache from last night’s drinking … Continue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day: Celebrating the Minuscule Arbitrary Fraction of Irish in Your Genetic Makeup

  In just a few days, we get the once-a-year opportunity to be a part of a massive global celebration of the Irish in all of us, no matter how much or how little Irish we all have flowing through the vast tributaries of our venous systems. St. Patrick’s Day, a Thursday this year, marks … Continue Reading

Hype and a Floppy Black Hat

There’s nothing better than adding a floppy black hat to your attire, no matter what it is that you’re wearing (which includes dresses, spring time attire, bathing suits, work wear, even your favorite animal suit). This outfit manages to follow my favorite color-scheme (red, black, and white), so it’s pretty much the greatest thing I … Continue Reading

International Women’s Day: Hooray for the yay!

Today, March 8th, marks the internationally celebrated day for, you guessed it, WOMEN! Oddly enough, being a woman and all, I actually had to do a little bit of clickity clickarooing around the interweb to find out what this day really means. My first impression was, “Oh sure, it’s a day where the media has … Continue Reading